Convert PDF to HTML with pdf2htmlEX on Ubuntu/Mint/…

I just discovered pdf2htmlEX which is a program to covert PDF files to HTML. The result is pretty nice as shown here:

Building pdf2htmlEX on Ubuntu/Mint is not so easy if one has not the last version of Ubuntu (for example if your are on the previous LTS).

Here are the main steps.

Add the following PPA to your software sources:


First, we need GCC and CMake to compile. We also need the libraries libspiro and fontforge:

sudo apt-get install gcc cmake libspiro-dev libfontforge-dev

Then, we need to build Poppler (the version in the depots is too old for pdf2htmlEX).

Now, you can build and install pdf2htmlEX:

git clone git://
cd pdf2htmlEX
cmake . && make && sudo make install





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